Signs of Imbalanced Chakras

Chakra Signs of BALANCE Signs of IMBALANCE
Root Chakra
Base Chakra
Stability, strength, endurance, well grounded & centered, confident, strong sense of self Resistant and afraid of change, chronic fear & anxiety, frustration, money problems, greed
Constructive creativity, healthy libido, can set healthy boundaries in relationships, takes responsibility for own life Sex addiction or no desire for sex, back pain, emotional boundary issues, can't say no, all issues with sex
Solar Plexus Chakra confident, in control, healthy self esteem, productive and flexible, cooperative, great energy low self esteem and low self confidence, control issues, digestive disorders, angry and agressive
Heart Chakra Loving, affectionate, warm hearted, tolerant, accepting, compassionate, joyful self centered, selfish, too trusting, codependent, too nice, depression, closed off
Throat Chakra Confident in opinions, eloquent communicator, good listener Inability to communicate, talks too much, will not listen, shy, indecision
3rd Eye Chakra Insightful, thoughtful, intuitive, alert, aware, wise, joyful, intelligent, focused, good memory Lack of focus, recurring nightmares, hallucinations, scattered brained, confused, out of touch, feeling of disconnect
Crown Chakra Spiritually fulfilled, sense of deep connection, aware of the divine, wisdom, understanding Out of touch with reality, feeling of disconnect, cynical, loss of purpose, confusion 



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