How to Balance Your Chakras

If you can take a deep breath, focus your attention and sit up straight, you can most definitely balance the 7 chakras in your body.

If you have no idea what chakras are and why they are so important, click here to read What are Chakras? Learning how to open chakras and how to balance chakras is not difficult. It merely takes focused thought and intentional command.

People do not realize that your body will do exactly what you are telling it to do. Whether the command came from a conscious or subconscious thought, action or an old belief, the condition of your body, mind and spirit at this very second is a product of your thoughts and feelings.

By balancing the chakra system (energy centers) and unblocking chakras, you are allowing the power of healing life energy to flow through you uninterrupted, forcing any trapped negative energy within the body to be released. A consistent chakra clearing meditation will create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. A great way to be!

Chakra energy healing is for everyone, not just the elite. Start using this healing modality today and your life will transform in ways you can not imagine.

A quick and easy way to balance the seven major chakras is to take advantage of our free online guided chakra balancing meditation. Simply subscribe below and you will be taken to our online exercise.

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This exercise combines the power of relaxing/healing music, color therapy (chromo therapy) and subliminal chakra affirmations, guiding you through each step of balancing your chakras. The entire exercise will take about 10 minutes and leave you feeling calm, refreshed and full of energy (a sign of chakra balance)!

If you do not wish to access our free online guided chakra meditation, you can do the following exercise any time and any place you wish. It just takes a few minutes of concentration and some deep breathing, allowing you to quickly and easily balance the 7 chakras. The power of your own mind is the most valuable tool you can ever use to create anything you desire, especially great health.

SIDE NOTE: There is a ton of different information you will find on to balance them, how they rotate, the speed they rotate at, what they are called, etc.  We encourage you to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! Only you instinctively know what condition your chakras are in, if energy is flowing through them, if they need clearing & cleansing, at what speed they need to rotate at to balance your mind, body and spirit.  Empower yourself to believe whatever and however you do this will be the RIGHT way for YOU.

That being said, let's begin the exercise below:


1.) Find a quiet space for yourself and take a few moments to get comfortable

2.) Sit up straight, gently stretch and lengthen your spine

3.) Place both feet firmly on the ground and visualize roots growing out of your feet deep into the earth, grounding you

4.) Relax your hands allowing them to rest on your lap

5.) Calmly inhale and exhale through your nostrils

6.) Allow your attention to focus on your breathing and increasing oxygen intake throughout every tissue and cell in your body

7.) Envision a string attached to the top of your head, gently pulling your spine erect

Let's begin! [Click Here] Now



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