Emotional Freedom Therapy

Clearing Chakras with Emotional Freedom Technique
Release Anxiety with Emotional Freedom Technique
Overcome Depression with Emotional Freedom Technique

How could something so simple work so well? If you have never tried any type of emotional freedom therapy, it's time to try the Emotional Freedom Technique for dummies ;) (or EFT tapping technique).

You can use this emotional healing technique on anything and everything. Before you try emotional freedom tapping, determine what you want to accomplish. I have posted 3 different you tube eft videos below to get you started. The first is eft tapping therapy for clearing chakras, the second is eft for anxiety, and the third is an eft depression video for overcoming depression.

My favorite videos are from the guys over at tapping.com. I love these guys because they keep it real. They are pretty down to earth in their explanation of emotional freedom technique tapping and keep simple for the average Joe off the street who knows nothing about it. Choose the emotional freedom technique video that will benefit you the most right now - check them out below:



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